Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Confession Of A Homophobe

Confessions Of
A Homophobe

By Steven Clark Goad

Personal Note From Buff Scott, Jr., Editor
Steven Clark Goad is one of my favorite authors. His writings cut illogical positions and absurdities to the bone. This message is captivating and excitingly sensible.

Closets Are Scary Nooks!

I’m coming out. Step aside! This isn’t easy for me, coming out of the closet. I have reached a point in my life that I can no longer remain silent about something that is so deeply misunderstood by so many others. Unless you have experienced the negative climate and hostile behavior of those who resent my secret, you could never understand the emotional instability and heartache attached to my alternate lifestyle. For, you see, I am beset with homophobia—a fatal politically-incorrect disease. There isn’t much tolerance for homophobic minds in today’s culture. Why other minorities have been so readily accepted and their platforms promoted, is beyond me.
No Seat At The Table—Oooh, my!
“Gays” can have their marches and project their political clout with certain parties and gain funding for health insurance and other entitlements, but the lowly homophobe is looked upon with disgust and derision. He has no seat at the table of public opinion, nor does he receive the respect he deserves when he is brave enough to come out of the homophobic closet and stand tall in the face of his detractors.
One of the most horrendous trials we homophobes must endure is the insensitive and demeaning terminology used to describe us. Who wants to be known as someone who hates humans? For that is what the term “homophobe” actually means. “Homo” means “human” and “phobe” entails “fear” and “great distaste.” We straight heterosexual men do not like to be called by ugly names such as “homophobes.” We prefer to be called “joys.”
The homosexual community has chosen to select a lovely word from the English vocabulary to describe themselves and to put a better slant on their perverted and unnatural behaviors among the same sex. They wish to be called “gays.” Well, we healthy and God-fearing men and women who agree that same-sex arrangements are condemned by God simply wish to be called “joys.” Don’t call me homophobe. Just call me joy. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot more politically correct? I mean, in today’s culture, what minority group should be rebuked and mocked for holding a strong opinion about what is right and wrong?
Can’t “Joy” Be A Genetic Makeup?
We have not chosen to be homophobic. We are joy because of some inherent genetic makeup. We can’t help ourselves. We must stand against homosexuality and speak up against it for what it is—aberrant and antisocial behavior that results in emotional and physiological sickness. Who can fault us for being what we naturally are? Why are gays allowed to bash and vilify us innocent joys while we must remain mute regarding our strong feelings about the unhealthy homosexual lifestyle? Perverts can’t have it both ways. They can’t condemn us for our birthright to be joy and then expect us to remain silent regarding something clearly condemned by the God of morality.
God Approves Of Joy
Joy isn’t spoken against at all in the Bible. As a matter of fact, it is encouraged. But men sleeping with men and women with women is spoken against in the harshest of terms. The entire cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their practice of the vulgar and horrible homosexual lifestyle. The etymology of our word “sodomy” has its origin in the Bible.
My Emotional Distress Is Bubbling Over!
Most citizens of the world do not understand how difficult it is to remain closeted with this secret that is looked upon as politically incorrect. Many of my mutual “joys” have confided in me how hard it is to keep their jobs for fear that it might be discovered they are heterosexually-married “joys” with children. The emotional distress alone has taken a great toll on the many who are straight in their attempts to honor God by marriage and family after the Adamic pattern established in the beginning. God didn’t create Adam and Everett. It was clear from the first family that being heterosexual is the God-ordained pattern for humankind.
Well, We’ve Made A Decision
We have finally decided to keep our secret no longer. Most of us, some still admittedly timid, are now coming out into the open and declaring our rights as citizens of the world and of this once great nation. Governments should begin at once to acknowledge our lobbying efforts. Funding should be set aside for the rehabilitation of those of us who have experienced great emotional trauma for having to repress our heart’s desire to be “joy.” Reparation bills should be submitted and passed at once for all of us who have suffered the slings and arrows from living a lie, pretending to accept homosexuality as just another lifestyle, when all the while we knew it was wrong but couldn’t speak up for fear of being labeled homophobic.
Leave My Self-Esteem “As Is!”
Yes, I am “joy” and happy to be identified as such. Nobody can take away my self-esteem. Nobody can change what I am inside by referring to me with nasty and uncharitable language. Homophobe? Yes, if you wish to use such terminology. I stand with God and all others who desire to do His holy will in the intimate and sacred relationship known as marriage. The very nature of homosexuality precludes having children. The lifestyle itself is unhealthy in every way. So, to be homophobic is natural. How could anyone find fault with someone who is simply living out his normal birthright? To do so would simply be politically, socially, morally, intellectually, and logically incorrect.


  1. I'm obviously very out of touch. I find this piece uncomfortable. Guess the cultural divide is showing.

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  3. Steve, this will win homosexuals unbelievers to Christ just how? It would be offensive to my homosexual family members and friends.

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